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A Little About Us

RMIT University Malaysian Association (RUMA), is a student association based in RMIT University that gives support and comfort towards the Malaysian students in Melbourne. We aim to meet, befriend and take care of our members via events held throughout the year in order to help students to bond with one another.

RUMA hopes to create a sense of familiarity in a foreign surrounding for all Malaysian students down under. Student welfare and enjoyment is our number one priority so know that we are always here for each and everyone of you, acting as your home away from home.

FUN FACT: 'RUMAH' actually means home in our mother tongue!

We love our members! And we want to give back to you!
Here's your chance to get a FREE exclusive RUMA t-shirt on us!
All you have to do is attend five events and you're all set. It's that simple!
So what are you waiting for?

Recent Posts

Little Bang Espresso

RUMA's New Sponsor: Little Bang Espresso! RUMA

Written By Cheng Long Liew On March 7, 2018.

RUMA proudly presents to you our new sponsor.. Little Bang Espresso!

Great coffee can really make your day which is why Little Bang is the place to go to get your daily coffee fix or to get that energy boost in between lectures!
The best part? 10% OFF when you FLASH YOUR RUMA CARD 🙌🏼☕️

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RMIT Clubs Days With RUMA

[RMIT Clubs Day with RUMA] Video Released!

Written By Cheng Long Liew On March 6, 2018.

Look what went down during Clubs Day!

Welcome to our new members, and to our returning members - great to see you again! We look forward to another eventful year 🎉

Whats next? RUMA’s Welcoming Party is happening THIS SATURDAY.

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