A New Beginning Of The Year With RUMA!

RUMA New Design

With a new beginning of the year, RUMA is introducing a new logo with a more iconic design. We believe that it will help strengthen our identity as a strong Malaysian student association. The elements of the new logo is something new but it still sticks to the original look and design of our current logo, similarly RUMA is constantly evolving and adapting to the contemporary yet still holding on to our core values and beliefs.

The roof of the logo represents shelter for all the Malaysian students. RUMA is welcoming and we encourage everyone to be part of our family. In RUMA, there is no ‘you and I’, we are all in this together. It also acts as a shelter for the Malaysian culture as we are also adopting the Australian culture at the same time.

The warm colours are the final touches to the logo that truly represents the Malaysian spirit that we have in each of us – true and strong. Malaysian students have the determination to succeed in every aspect of our lives, and RUMA will be your backbone in giving the members support throughout their study journey in Australia

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