Free RUMA T-Shirt!

Free RUMA T-Shirt

Based in one of Australia’s most prestigious fashion designing university, RUMA is proud to showcase it’s 2017 T-Shirt design. Made from premium cotton, the tee features simplistic yet elegant designs that are bound to make your friends envy you. Best part?

It’s free!!!

That’s right, the T-Shirt cannot be bought but will be GIVEN to RUMA members for FREE if they have attended more than 5 RUMA events*. It’s as simple as that.

So, if you want to rock a fashion piece as hyped as this then be sure to register for all of our future events, Paintball being the soonest one.

We hope to see you guys rocking our tees real soon!

*The accumulation of events will start from the Paintball event onwards.

Register for the paintball event here:

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