[REMINDER] 1000 Steps With RUMA Is Coming Soon!

1000 Steps with RUMA Artwork

A quick reminder to those who are attending our 1000 Steps event tomorrow!

1. BE ON TIME. Gather at Building 80 at 8AM, no Malaysian timing please 👀

2. Make sure your Mykis have been preloaded as we will be catching a train there!

3. Please wear appropriate sports attire. (shirt, pants, shoes and etc)

4. Bring a raincoat along just in case it rains!

5. Have a light breakfast at home beforehand as you’ll need the energy to hike 💪🏻

6. Bring plenty of water 💦

7. Bring your RUMA loyalty card along or if you don’t have one, collect one from us tomorrow 👌🏻

Sleep well guys and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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