Mount Buller Trip with RUMA

Mount Buller Trip with RUMA Artwork

Get your ski masks on because we’re having another winter trip! We’ll be conquering Mount Buller this trip so if you’ve always planned on going but never did, now’s your chance and this time, you can ask your best mates to tag along for some extra fun 😁

Details are as follow:

Date: 12th August 2017
Time: 7:30AM – 8PM

*fees include transportation, entrance tickets and cable car passes at Mount Buller

We’re so pumped for this trip and what better way is there to start Semester 2 than a trip that’s as exciting as this? 😚

To secure a spot, kindly fill in your details via this link:…/1ZPw4K0dLlWK8g5X-fmBUoR…/viewform…

Be sure to follow the instructions clearly to ensure that your spot is officially secured!

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