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@WonderbowlAUS – Level 1/267 Little Lonsdale St

Patek Phillip never made two of the same watches – same with Wonderbowl and their noodles. With the taste of their soup changes subtly with each pairing ingredient, no two bowls are the same. The theme of each dish is derived in a way to accentuate the mixture of two different culture, Mainland China and Malaysian. The idea is to give both Malaysian and Mainlanders a dish that they are familiar with.

For first timers, locating the restaurant can be a little difficult as they are situated on the first floor of the shop lots in the corner of Swanston street/Little Lonsdale street. But this little setback is compensated by its strategic location in the heart of the CBD. Once you’ve arrived at their main entrance, you’ll be welcomed by a “Grand entrance” that synonym with what you would find in a high-end restaurant. But fret not, they are not there to poke a hole in your wallet as a glance through their menu in the entrance will show you otherwise.

Savour a tantalizing bowl of spicy superior soup with fish fillet or you could also indulge yourself with acombination of PiPi (Lala in Malaysian term) & Porkbelly slices in spicy superior soup. Their portion is certainly generous and of the best quality. Their broth is made from the freshest seafood and is unique in Melbourne, wot wot? Its true and they give you the option to dip in some rice wine so you could fancy yourself with some authentic Chinese cuisine feel.

And for those who aren’t into spicy food, fret not as Wonderbowls’ non-spicy superior soup are equally delish. Although they may taste a little too plain for some, adding rice wine to it will greatly enhance its flavor.

Lying is a sin, and we do not lie when we tell you that Wonderbowl has some of the best herbal drinkout there. Making it a worthy contender to be placed on the No.1 spot.
Before we end this review, it gives us much pleasure to announce that when you flash your RUMA member card at the counter, you are eligible for a free drink, yeap that free aforementioned herbal drink that we highly recommend, with every meal purchase. Cheers!

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