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With tons of different events, exclusive rewards and lifelong friends - what more can you ask for? Join us for a university experience you'll never forget.


Joining RUMA is a great way to meet a lot of great like-minded people, get connected and make friends to annoy for life. You'll never be short of friends as we hold tons of bonding events to bring us close together (maybe too close).


As Malaysians, we all love free stuff, and to be able to spend as little money as possible - which is why you'll get access to lots of discounts and crazy deals from our growing array of food, beverage and entertainment sponsors. Free upsize from Gong Cha? Heck yes!


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but you'll never be dull here at RUMA! From adrenaline filled adventures, board games and 'makan' outings, there's something for everyone! With amazing prizes on the line, our events will test your skills and sportsmanship.


Student welfare and enjoyment is our number one priority so know that we are always here for each and everyone one of you. If you have any questions, need help with settling down in a new surrounding or even just want someone to talk to - come find us!


We frequently hold engagement sessions and career challenges with our strategic partners aimed to provide our members with relevant insights and knowledge that cannot be gained anywhere else!


Opportunities to step up into leadership awaits you! Becoming part of the RUMA committee will help you develop leadership skills and gain confidence in yourself as an individual that will be invaluable in all areas of life.

Member of the month


Ryan, Zhan Yuan Lau

Whenever I felt nostalgic, RUMA gave me the feeling like I am home!! They hosts a lot of events and brought a lot of amazing memories and happiness to me and fellow members. Thank you RUMA for always being there for me!! My best RUMA in Melbourne!!


Tung Han Yong

It has been an honour to be part of the RUMA family. You will never get any better experiences working and meeting with amazing people in RUMA. Joining RUMA is one of the decisions I will never regret. Join RUMA if you get the chance to, it will be one hell of ride that you will never forget till the day you die!


Wen Jack Tan

RUMA is the best club I've joined, they have so much awesome and fun events and activities , and they really make it feel like I'm back in Malaysia and I'm able to meet many fellow Malaysians, I would strongly recommend fellow Malaysian to join this fantastic club.

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