Discord Social 3.0

21st August 2021


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Event Details

Discord Social 3.0 is back with new movie and games for you to stay connected! 💞



Other Events

Virtual Clubs Expo

Due to lockdown, unfortunately we are not able to meet everyone face to face. But here we are, alternatively with a Virtual Clubs Expo!

Lowest Like Competition

⚠️Attention!!! Join our Lowest Likes Comment Competition simply by leaving a comment about things to do with RUMA after lockdown down below⌨️ Be the one with the least likes to win a $15 voucher💳 You are also welcomed to like other competitors’ comment to make yourself more advantaged😈

Among Us

Another game night with RUMA on 15/7(Wed) to kill time at rumah! Find out the impostor and vote them off the spaceship with your crew mates🛸🚀

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