17th April, Saturday

7:30 PM(MY) – 9:30 PM(MELB)

RUMA Discord Server

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Event Details

Feel like going on an adventure 🔍 ? Looking for a good challenge 👊? Channel your inner explorer 🕵️‍♀️ at our RUMASS THE EXPLORER event‼️



Other Events

MOTS : Winter 2022 Edition

What better way to welcome the chilly winter air than our Member of the Season: Winter Edition? 🥶 ❄️  

To qualify for the coveted prize, here are the criteria that need to be met:

Attend a RUMA event
Bring a friend to a RUMA event
Comment on @rumarmit ‘s posts
Participate in our ‘Add Yours’ thread (Faces & Places You Miss The Most in Malaysia)

📝  T&Cs

The vouchers can be chosen from our customised list after the winner announcement
Stories will need to be verified via dm to satisfy this criteria, make sure to check our story highlights for reference!

Happy Winter-ing! 


Have you got plans for this weekend? Coz RUMA is launching our 👾Discord Social on the 9th and 10th of April! NO registration needed, just join us on for some movies🎬 and games🎮!

We will have different movies and games ongoing at the same time, so feel free to choose whichever you prefer.😗✨

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