RUMAster Chef

4th September 2021


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Event Details

Welcome to 🧑‍🍳RUMASTERCHEF: Mystery Bake-off🧑‍🍳! What do you need to do to be the RUMASTERCHEF of the year? Just fill in the form and have these ingredients🥚 and tools🥣 prepared before you join us this coming Saturday. You will stand a chance to be one of the prize winners!



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Come have a break from studying with RUMA. As we bring you a movie to enjoy 🎞, board games 🎲, light snacks 🍿, and a photobooth 📸! ! 

Pssst.. It’s Free! LIMITED SPOTS!! 🤫 

RUMA Club’s Festival

First day of uni can be daunting but fret not! In a sea of unfamiliar people and a new environment, you already have a family right there with you which is us, RUMA 🏠

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