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4th September 2021


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Event Details

Welcome to 🧑‍🍳RUMASTERCHEF: Mystery Bake-off🧑‍🍳! What do you need to do to be the RUMASTERCHEF of the year? Just fill in the form and have these ingredients🥚 and tools🥣 prepared before you join us this coming Saturday. You will stand a chance to be one of the prize winners!



Other Events

Annual General Meeting

📡A notice for RUMA members! AGM is coming up on the 13th of October 2020 and we would be so glad to have you with us to witness the end of this term as well as a new beginning.✨ Click into the event for more details.

RUMA Across The Borders : Virtual Welcoming Party

WELCOME all to our new and existing RUMA members 🏠, we know we still can’t have physical events yet 😥 but come join us at our Virtual Welcoming Party 🏠✨happening on the:

Come and join us for some games 🎮 and a chance to network🌐 with new & existing members of RUMA 😍✨
Register your interest now and come join us for some fun at the start of your school year!!


Have you got plans for this weekend? Coz RUMA is launching our 👾Discord Social on the 9th and 10th of April! NO registration needed, just join us on for some movies🎬 and games🎮!

We will have different movies and games ongoing at the same time, so feel free to choose whichever you prefer.😗✨

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