SWING by & RUMingle

Friday, April 30 2021

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

RUMA Discord Server

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Event Details

Welcome to 🐒SWINg by & RUMingle! On 30th April, MSA x RUMA would be hosting a game night which consists of 👵🏼👻Granny’s house, a horror escape room game and we will also be using Backyard.co to play Fake artist🎨, Tanx, and Land grab (⬅️highly recommended). Stay till the end and stand a chance to be one of the 5 lucky draw winners 🏆✨!



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WELCOME all to our new and existing RUMA members 🏠, we know we still can’t have physical events yet 😥 but come join us at our Virtual Welcoming Party 🏠✨happening on the:

Come and join us for some games 🎮 and a chance to network🌐 with new & existing members of RUMA 😍✨
Register your interest now and come join us for some fun at the start of your school year!!

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