Rumission Impossible

April 19 – April 21 2019

Sir Charles | Project 281

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Hey there adventurer! How about a little mystery?



Other Events

Victoria’s Secret

Eager to head to Melbourne but don’t know where to start? FRET NOT!

? RUMA is hosting a pre-departure event which will prep you for your journey to Melbourne!! ? Soooo sit back and relax while we provide you some tips and tricks to fully enjoy your university and Melbourne life! ? Let us guide you for a smooth transition to your new RUMA ?

Date: 8th January 2022
Time: 2.30PM (MYT) // 5.30PM (AEST)
Platform: Zoom
? : 5 X AUD $10 Gift Cards

Among Us

Another game night with RUMA on 15/7(Wed) to kill time at rumah! Find out the impostor and vote them off the spaceship with your crew mates??