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RUMA Committee 22/23

A Family You Longed For

Meet Our People

RUMA welcomes everyone into our family with open arms. We’ll fill your university years with colours you never knew existed. Come to us and we’ll wash your loneliness, homesickness and boredom away. We create opportunities for our members to try out new things and develop their skills, gain new experience. With us, it’ll be a never-ending flow of new experiences that you’ll never forget!

We are the Boss


Weird bunch of people

Activities Team

Trying to find where the life of the party is? That would be us! In fact, we are the party. We come up with new ideas and events for our members to enjoy and organize them to make them as fun as possible for everyone!

Money! Money! Money!

Sponsorship Team

We’re the money makers! We find sponsors and build a relationship with them, gaining their support in funding RUMA’s events and providing perks for our members!

Ooo... Art

Creative Team

Click! Oops, gotcha on camera. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that your pictures come out great. We’ll lure you to our events with our bomb posters and capture your memories for you.

Come Look at us!

Publicity Team

Scared you’ll miss out on a good deal from any of our sponsors? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! We’ll be your best friend and update you on the latest news and any new sponsors. Our team is in charge of our website design and keeping everyone connected. Make connections with members.

Erm..... I like watching birds 🐦

Bundoora Representative