10 Things: Preparing for Uni

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Starting school in a new environment may be intimidating at first, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it! Let’s see a bunch of things you should get ready to have a better head start in your first semester in uni…

1. Stationery!

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You may think then you get out of high school and college, everything will be posted and done online – which is true, but sometimes you still have to take notes and exams, and these are all paper-and-pen work! So get yourselves to your nearest Officeworks or Muji and buy everything you need.

2. Student ID

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An essential item for borrowing books, printing in uni as well as taking an exam. If you’re a first year, hurry and set up your student ID so you can have it mailed to you as soon as possible 🙂

3. Join a Club

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Clubs Day may be over, but you can still join a club via the clubs’ official websites or through RUSU. Google list of clubs in RMIT and you’ll see a page dedicated to it. It’s good to join clubs so that you can meet new friends and spend your spare time doing something. OP really recommends RUMA hint wink 😉

4. Pre-reading

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You may already have access to your Canvas, so definitely go on it and check out all the tabs and if there are pre readings, do them! It’ll help your first classes a lot.

5. Timetable

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Complaints about timetable? That’s okay. We all have suffered from the hands of this system. But it’s really important that you make a timetable that you can see clearly, and remember not to get the timings and locations wrong. I like mine colorful and big, and a tip would be to set it as your home screen.

6. Relax

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First few weeks will be really nerve wrecking – it’s okay, it’s normal. The most important thing is to have an open heart and RELAX. You can do it!

7. Location of classes

It’s funny but I’ve gotten lost trying to find my class, and it made me really frustrated. So unless you know our campus really well, we would suggest going to those classrooms beforehand so that you know them well 🙂

8. Make Friends

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One valuable thing you’ll take with you after uni is, friendship. It’s cliche to say this but friends really determine your uni life. You will see them most days only for the next 3 months and even have to be group mates with some, so make use of the time you have with them – and lasting friendships can be made even after uni.

9. Health

A tip I usually get from people is to prep your meals. When assignments and work pile up, sometimes you’ll barely have time to even eat. So keep yourselves fit and remember to eat healthily! Health always always comes first.

10. Have Fun

In the meantime, HAVE FUN! Go out there and meet new friends, and come to RUMA events <3

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