Hello ladies and gents!

In this week’s edition of Try Tuesday, we are going to introduce something that is on everyone’s dessert list when they travel to the city – Pidapipó!

Pidapipó is located on Lygon Street and is accessible via trams or on foot. Its bright neon red sign will definitely catch your attention, in addition to a growing line of people usually queuing for it, you cannot miss it! Pidapipó is famous for their gelato – smooth, creamy, true to its taste, and so very delicious. You can get it on a cone or in a tub for sharing, and it will always leave you wanting more. Yes, it’s that good.

Pidapipó features seasonal flavours for different seasons (obviously), as well as limited monthly flavours! Definitely keep a lookout on any updates through their Instagram or website. Feeling lazy but craving it? UberEats got your back.

What are you waiting for? Grab a friend and head down to Pidapipó for some gelato now!


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