Raya Open House

Saturday, 7th of May 2022

5.00PM – 9.00PM (AEST)

Room 1.10, Woodside Building, Monash Clayton Campus

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Event Details

Our very own, ???? ???? ?????!! ??  A very special collab planned with the Malaysian Societies of Monash and Swinburne University. What could be more exciting than having a bonding session with plenty of food to be served and games for you to participate in?! ? It will be the perfect chance to connect with different MSOs and learn the Malaysian culture for you fellow non-malaysian members!! ?



Other Events

Rumakan Angin : Easter Road Trip 2022

While most of you have gone makan with us, it’s time to makan angin with RUMA ? Another one of our BIGGEST events of the year has finally come true ? Throw your stress out the window and take this opportunity to make your mid semester break stand out as we delve into a ???? ????????? ?????????? while bonding with other fellow Malaysians ❤️

UNSW x RUMA: Playsolation

Seeing as we are still in isolation, we’ve crossed virtual borders and teamed up with our friends from Malaysian Students Organisation of UNSW – MSO UNSW to create✨PLAYSOLATION✨

SWING by & RUMingle

Welcome to ?SWINg by & RUMingle! On 30th April, MSA x RUMA would be hosting a game night which consists of ???Granny’s house, a horror escape room game and we will also be using Backyard.co to play Fake artist?, Tanx, and Land grab (⬅️highly recommended). Stay till the end and stand a chance to be one of the 5 lucky draw winners ?✨!

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