Rumakan Angin : Easter Road Trip 2022

19th April 2022 (Tuesday)

7:30AM(MY) | 9:30AM(AEST)

Moonlit Sanctuary
The Nobbies
Penguin Parade

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Event Details

⚠️ROAD TRIP ALERT ? While most of you have gone makan with us, it’s time to makan angin with RUMA ? Another one of our BIGGEST events of the year has finally come true ? Throw your stress out the window and take this opportunity to make your mid semester break stand out as we delve into a ???? ????????? ?????????? while bonding with other fellow Malaysians ❤️



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Among Us

Another game night with RUMA on 15/7(Wed) to kill time at rumah! Find out the impostor and vote them off the spaceship with your crew mates??

1000 Steps x BBQ

Exercise a little! Move a little! You’ll be rewarded with a massive barbecue!

Brunch Out

Choose between two popular cafe spots in Melbourne, and pay for an all inclusive package consisting of food, drink and fun ? ! Rest assured RUMA’s well experienced cafe connoisseurs picked only the best tasting food options for you ? .  Slots are LIMITED TO 30 per cafe so hurry and sign up now!


Come join us after the brunch session as we head to enjoy our RUMA member exclusive 20% off on Yo-Chi frozen yoghurt for some dessert! ?  (not included in package price)

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